Congratulations, Dr. Cagla Kantarcigil- Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Cagla Kantarcigil was recently appointed as a Research Assistant Professor at Northwestern University.

Dr. Kantarcigil completed her PhD at Purdue University under the mentorship of Dr. Georgia Malandraki. She then joined Northwestern University as a post-doctoral researcher in Dr. Bonnie Martin-Harris’ Swallowing Cross-Systems Collaborative. Her areas of expertise include telehealth and wearable sensor technologies, which facilitate remote evaluation and treatment of swallowing disorders and allow clinicians to provide effective, accessible care. Dr. Kantarcigil is co-investigator on Dr. Martin-Harris’ recently funded R01– Training swallowing initiation during expiration: Impact on safety and efficiency following treatment for oropharyngeal head and neck cancer and has been instrumental in designing and overseeing the delivery of remote training using a novel wearable sensor.


Dr. Martin-Harris and the SCSC team are very excited to congratulate Dr. Kantarcigil on her new faculty appointment!

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