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The Swallowing Cross-Systems Collaborative [SCSC] at Northwestern University uses a clinical-research framework to improve quality of life for people suffering from dysphagia.

At our state-of-the-art facility, we use leading-edge diagnostic equipment to identify deficits in upper aerodigestive physiology, and test the effect of innovative therapeutic regimens. This integrated clinical-research model enables us to focus our research on clinically relevant questions acquired during actual patient-care, as we develop new diagnostic and treatment methods that will improve quality of life among patients suffering with dysphagia.

Our interdisciplinary team of researchers:

  • Examines the influence of different body systems on swallowing function, and uses that information to develop and test new therapies, customized to disease stages and age groups;
  • Develops standardized assessment tools and training materials, to ensure validity, reliability and reproducibility in investigations;
  • Collaborates with other dysphagia research centers around the world;
  • Completes data analysis for other research labs; and
  • Distributes our findings, and places evidence-based diagnostic and treatment methods into practice.

Internal Investigations