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Welcome to the Swallowing Cross-Systems Collaborative

The Swallowing Cross-Systems Collaborative (SCSC) at Northwestern University uses a clinical-research framework to improve the quality of life for people suffering from dysphagia. Within our state-of-the-art facility, we utilize refined diagnostic equipment to identify deficits in upper aerodigestive physiology, and test the effect of novel therapeutic regimens. Findings from these investigations are carefully translated into clinical care through our integration of aspiring and practicing clinicians within the research laboratory. Here, trainees learn using a multi-modal clinical training approach that links didactic instruction with hands-on experience – providing clinicians with the scientific foundations to enhance patient care.

Recent News

In Remembrance of Dr. Timmer

In remembrance of Dr. William “Bill” Timmer, Program Director within the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program [...]


We standardize evidence-based assessment and treatment methods in the context of personalized care.
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We offer hands-on educational opportunities for students and clinicians, using a multidisciplinary model to address complex dysphagia-related issues.
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Clinical Care

We turn research into practice, providing patients with improved outcomes through high-precision assessment methods and customized clinical care.
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